Technical Information

Satellite: Astra 2G
Direction: 28.2 East
Symbol Rate: 22Ms/s
FEC: 5/6
Transponder: 2.089 slot 89
Channel Frequency: 11464.25 MHz
Polarisation: Horizontal
How to get Prime TV

Prime TV is available on SKY channel 792


Prime TV Studio Facilities:

Prime TV studio facilities are based in central London. Studios are equipped with three or more cameras and control room can be custom configured to best fit particular requirements of a specific live show production. It has sophisticated vision mixer with chroma-key and 3D virtual reality backgrounds, interactive graphics and video server for playout and record. Web browsing and internet stream playback are available as a vision mixer sources. Telephone calls from multiple phone lines can be mixed via two channel TBU assisted by computerised phone queuing system into live program. Make-up and green room are available within each studio offices, four studios have in addition associated production office which can be utilised as an edit suite