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Ladka Karachi Ka

A bubbly exciting hilarious and entertaining drama serial highlighting the cultural difference of our society, when larka from karachi meets kuri from lahore, it will only lead to more chaos


Tue - Thu 13:05 UK & 14:05 EU

Syasi Theatre

Siyasi Theatre promises an amusing theatre performance by our talented thespians, presenting a satirical view of the political situations, current & previous and hear our performers say the things that you are thinking!


Tue - Wed 11:05 UK & 12:05 EU     Re: Tue - Wed 16:05 UK 17:05 EU


One of Pakistan's top rated morning show Satrangi hosted by beautiful and Javeria Saud. Delightful, hilarious, light-hearted taking up on most important social issues, celebrity interviews, gossips, cooking recipes, highlighting the best of Pakistani talent

Mon -Fri 09:05 UK & 10:05 EU        Re: Mon -Fri 09:05 UK & 10:05 EU


Brilliant and funny Khalid Abbas Dar brings you this superb satire, highlighting, mocking and analysing the circus called Pakistani politics using a variety of Bollywood & Lollywood tracks.


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