Ab Kay Sawan Barsaye

Ab Kay Sawan Barsaye is a twisted tale showing the ups and downs of dysfunctional extended family whose secrets come out, only to be replaced by new ones. Can villainous characters change their wicked ways? 
Will they be forgiven for their actions or will they have to face the music?
Cast: Ali Afzal, Zeenat Yasmeen, Seemi Pasha, Jana Malik and Noorul Hassan . 

Wed - Fri: 20:05 UK - 21:05 EU

Chand Kay Pass

Chand Kay Paas follows a family struggling to keep up with a troubled past. Will they forgive one another for years of abandonment or dive deeper into their sadness. Characters reach their limits and the secrets of the past find a way to come out. Some find support in their loved ones, but the ones who don’t… how will they cope? 
Cast: Nauman Aijaz, Mahira Khan, Bahar Begum, Nayyar Aijaz and Qawi Khan

Mon - Tue: 20:05 UK - 21:05 EU 

Do Naina

Do Naina is an exciting drama telling the story of a young woman and how she copes with the difficult situations she finds herself in. With themes both dark and daring, Do Naina is a must for anyone looking for a thrilling watch. Will Rajiah manage to resist temptations or will they be her downfall? Do Naina is an excellent portrayal of the trials and tribulations of love, pride and family. Cast: Abid Ali, Zee Q, Mohsin Gilani and Saba Faisal

Sat - Sun 20:05 UK & 21:05 EU

Bass Kardo Bass

Join Barkat and Uzmi for an up-beat, high energy chat show with a star studded guestlist. Each show promises entertaining interviews and a musical treat! Full of fun, laughs and great conversation, Buss Kardo Buss is not to be missed.

Cast: Barkat and Uzmi

Saturday :21:05 UK - 22:05 EU