A heart warming drama serial of love, passion, betrayal, friendship, loyalty and hatred starring Fiza Ali, Imran Khan, Ayesha Sana and Nauman Ijaz

Mon: 20:03 UK - 21:00 EU
Sirf Aik Bar:
A Rollercoaster ride of emotions, riddled with tears, embellished with laughter, garnished with defeat and told with emotions, Drama Serial Sirf Ek baar starring legendary Abid Ali, Sadia Imam and Ahsan Khan. Intriguing tale of love, hate and passion
Tue - Thur: 20:03 UK - 21:03 EU


Based in the city of Kathmandu how one couple gets involved in a murder conspiracy. Suspense drama. Starring: Usman Peerzada, Adnan Siddiqi and Ayesha Toor
Sun: 21:03 UK - 22:03 EU